Electronics Website

Electronics Website "Developed a dynamic website using PHP, implementing a user-friendly interface for users to create and maintain a list of electronics items. Utilized Heroku as the database solution for seamless data storage and retrieval, while integrating robust backend functionalities to ensure responsive and reliable performance.

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PROJECT NEXUS - 2D Dungeon Crawler Game

PROJECT NEXUS "is about a hero who will defeat the enemies and help free his people! " Used Unity game engine in order to create the game and coding in C#. Used different object oriented programming concepts such as polymorphism, and inheritance. Used git and Github for version control and collaboration. Worked on enemy sprite animations; used blend trees and state machine for animations.

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Cody's Crayons

A simple horror game project, drawing inspiration from the iconic Slenderman games. With a modest approach, we've created a fun experience, incorporating elements from the Jack Brown Hall CSUSB building to add some familiarity. Cody the Coyote left his crayons out and it is your job to collect them before he gets to you!

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Flutter Pokemon Application

A very simple Flutter Mobile Application that I made to show my favorite Pokemon and add your favorite Pokemon. I focused on mainly utilizing Firebase in order to handle account information and use Firestore database to read data.

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Marion - 2D Top Down RPG Roguelike Game

Collaborated in a group of seven other people. We used the Unity game engine and coded in C# programming language. Collaborated closely with artist to ensure game fit specifications.

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